With rapid changes impacting nursing education, you may wonder which issues to prioritize and where to start.

Fortunately, ATI’s 300+ nurse educators are ready to help. They’ve been listening, reading, and researching information from every major nursing organization.

In this report, we give you the facts and ideas about key issues we believe you must address to maintain your success. Facing these challenges will be demanding. But your efforts will be significant in transforming nursing.

We look forward to working alongside you in leading this proud profession into a new era.

Sean Burke, President
ATI + Healthcare,
Ascend Learning

Sean Burke

Gain pivotal insights to solving your program’s most urgent challenges.

Assessments & Student Success

Investigate the science between developing and assessing clinical judgment when it comes to the Next Generation NCLEX.

AACN Essentials & Competency-Based Curriculum

Discover the crucial next steps identified by nursing experts for transforming your nursing program.

Staffing Concerns & the Nursing Shortage

Implement immediately actionable steps to begin alleviating this crisis today.

Mental Health & Civility

Abolish the stigmas and advocate plans to improve self-care among staff and students.

Ongoing Support for Next Generation NCLEX

Explore ATI’s expanding repository of solutions for assessing and building clinical judgment skills as you prepare for the new NCLEX.

New 2022 Solutions

Get an exclusive preview of the expert tools and resources coming soon from ATI.

Success in developing students’ clinical judgment skills is less about understanding specific item types and more about how the items assess this skill.

— Ada Woo, PhD, ATI V.P. of Innovative Learning Sciences

Incorporating the AACN Essentials into your curriculum will be key for transforming nursing education for the future.

— Beth Phillips, PhD, RN, CNE, CHSE, Strategic Nursing Advisor

We will change nursing by working together. It will require us all to leverage our resources, identify strategies, and find creative, targeted approaches. But the work will be worth it!

— Debbie Lyles, PhD, MN, RN, CNE, ATI Director of Consulting

The Next Generation NCLEX is going to help educators create the kinds of strong, proficient, and practice-ready nurses the world desperately needs right now.

— Patty Knecht, PhD, MSN, RN, ANEF, ATI V.P. of Client Success/Chief Nursing Officer

Positive mental health and civility start with educators. We can help students best by caring for ourselves and role-modeling the behavior.

— Sandra Annesi, DNP, MSN, RN, CNE, ATI V.P., Integration/NCLEX Services