Nursing education is facing a perfect storm. But the issues are not insurmountable.

With a team of the profession’s foremost minds in nursing education, we have identified 5 issues causing the greatest strain on your nursing program.

In this report, we ask “what’s next” as we consider the solutions to each of these issues. Yes, they are significant. But we are by your side to take them on.

As always, we remain grateful for your partnership.

Sean Burke, President
Ascend Learning Healthcare
ATI Nursing Education Segment

Sean Burke

Gain pivotal insights to solving your program’s most urgent challenges.

NCLEX pass rates and the NGN

Don’t despair over the downward trend in NCLEX pass rates. Your efforts are helping students become better prepared to pass this crucial exam — and graduate as practice-ready nurses.

Assessment integrity

Cheating among students has risen with remote proctoring becoming the norm. But you can deal with the problem by understanding the causes.

Staffing issues

The staffing shortage is a crisis. Your program, though, can help address it. (And ATI is working alongside you with our own proactive efforts.)

Student enrollment & retention

A lack of academic preparedness and student anxiety may be causing these issues. But expert advice can put nursing education back on track.

Clinical experiences

Don’t let the closed doors of traditional clinical sites deter you from delivering crucial clinical experience. Alternatives abound.

New 2023 solutions & enhancements

Get an exclusive preview of the expert tools and advanced resources coming soon from ATI.

We hope pass rates will rise with the resumption of in-person classes and lessened anxieties. Now, we must focus on helping with the Next Generation NCLEX.

— Pamela Roland, MSN, MBA, RN, ATI Nursing Strategist

A benefit of the NGN? Those who pass will be more practice-ready than predecessors, more confident, and better prepared for their jobs.

— Patty Knecht, PhD, MSN, RN, Chief Nursing Officer for ATI

To combat cheating, create a culture that supports academic integrity and talk about the consequences of unethical behavior.

— Christine Mills, PhD, ATI Senior Director of Learning and Measurement

ATI uses multiple methods to uncover test cheating and theft. We promptly addresses any suspected test misconduct.

— Jeff Marsh, ATI Test Security Manager

Staffing issues may seem daunting. But simple efforts can be impactful, such as focusing on faculty well-being to show you care.

— Debbie Lyles, PhD, MN, RN, CNE, ATI Director of Consulting

We can mitigate the challenges that prospective nurses face with sustained investment in academic support and remediation.

— Beth Phillips, PhD, RN, CNE, CHSE, ATI Strategic Nursing Advisor